New Zealand’s leading fertiliser company is winning the hearts of Kiwi farmers

In a recent interview with MediaPA, Taihape farmer Andrew Peters proudly talks about his 430 hectares of farmland. Surrounded by luscious greenery and healthy livestock, he discusses his passion for farming and the wilderness. Peters has been farming deer, sheep, and cattle for over 38 years. The fast-paced progress in his farming career is credited to Taupo-based fertiliser company Uptake’s exceptional products and services.

Peters has been delighted to work with Uptake owner John Davis for 27 years since shifting to Taihape. “We’re pretty happy with what we’ve achieved. There’s been big improvements made from coming here, with the health of our livestock and farm in general,” he says. Uptake’s expertise in land management and animal health has made life much easier for Peters who emphasises the importance of healthy livestock.


Trace elements in fertilisers

Uptake’s Suspension Fertiliser has proven to be highly effective for improving animal health. “A lot of farms are just applying superphosphate or something like that, targeting one element. Animals require a whole lot of trace elements,” Peters explains. “I believe if we can get it into the soil through the fertiliser, then all the stock is going to get it out of the pasture.” The Suspension Fertiliser achieves exactly this by transferring nutrients from the soil to plants and animals. This system hugely benefits animal health by administering vital supplements into livestock through the use of soil as a medium. “A big focus we’ve had regarding fertiliser application is animal health and [Uptake’s] suspension system fits perfectly.”

Peters is passionate about planting trees and making his farm look aesthetically appealing. “The environment has always been important to us,” he says. The harsh winter of 1992 made him realise how unstable some of the country was. Planting trees was a solution that retained the soil and gave the farm a beautiful look while fostering a pleasant habitat for birds and insects. With Uptake’s expert advice, Peters has been able to manage his farm while maintaining his core values of environmental friendliness and sustainability.


How to improve soil quality

Another important aspect of the farming process Peters highlights is expert soil testing and analysis. “It’s important to have someone with the ability to interpret the test and I think that’s something most farmers struggle with.” Uptake’s powerful 4-step process eliminates this struggle. The first step involves a complete on-farm consultation with a focus on soil related issues, fertiliser history, farm production and farm management practices. This is followed by conducting comprehensive soil, herbage, and animal tests which are designed by Eurofins Scientific of Hamilton. Next comes a complete land management programme that is centred upon the seven sustainability laws, with consultation from a qualified Uptake representative. Finally, the process is completed with regular follow-up meetings where the representative and farmer discuss the management programme at length and oversee the progress.

Peters strongly recommends farmers to utilise the beneficial services Uptake has to offer. “You get a hold of John Davis and have a go,” he advises. “I firmly believe that [Uptake’s suspension system] is where fertiliser application of the future is going to head.”


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