Improve plant and animal health by fixing trace mineral deficiencies in your soil

You need all key elements in your soil

For optimal pasture, plant and animal health, you need a balanced mix of nutrients in your soil. Most farmland is depleted in trace minerals which means farmers have to spend extra money on animal supplements and other interventions. You can fix your soil by adding essential elements.

Custom blended fertilisers

Balancing your soil starts with an on-farm consultation and soil analysis

For healthy pasture growth you need 13 elements and a further 3 for animal health. Generally farmers only apply nitrogen, phosphate, sulphur and potassium. Over application of those kinds of minerals can do a lot of damage. Liming is important to manage soil acidity, this impacts pasture growth and animal health.

Gordon Rajendram Ph.D.
Independent Soil Scientist

How Uptake has helped and
benefitted other farmers


We’re pretty happy with what we’ve achieved. There’s been big improvements made from coming here, with the health of our livestock and farm in general.


John and I had long and involved conversations about what should be in the product to try and mitigate some of the issues we farmers were facing out in the field. It was a relief to find a system that would give you another tool in dealing with some of these issues.


The animal health bill dropped. It’s due to the way we changed how we are treating our stock, right from the grass and what we are putting on it.

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